Monthly Archives: June 2009

Wheel Conversion

Converting a military 10 lug heavy duty weel to a 6 lug heavy duty wheel. First the wheel center was machined out leaving a small lip for the new center to clip into. For welding there was a V groove machined into both the wheel and the new center (I forgot to take a picture […]

Corolla Update

After painting the engine bay metalic grey, installing the new front struts. Changing camber, caster, ride height and, lower roll center is easy with the front suspension upgrades such as struts, new bushings, coilovers, heavy duty sway bar and, camber plates. Its getting closer to time to install the engine, tranny, roll cage, and get […]

chromoly tubing

Sometimes I get asked the weight difference between chromoly and DOM tubing. the answer is that there isn’t any weight difference. There is however a strength difference and a resistance to bending. It is because of this that some sanctioning bodies allow you to use chromolly tubing in a roll cage. The weight savings comes […]

Corolla Drifter update

Turning the old struts into new high performance coilovers. First we had to remove all the old crap, springs struts spring perches. Second in order to fit the new kyb 4way adjustable strut inserts, the strut tubes had to be trimmed 45mm (1.75″). This had to be done in suh a way that we could […]

Toyota truck bumper

The Mini Monster gets a rear bumper This Bumper started life as a 5″ X 7″ X 3/8″wall mild steel tube. It was then cut to length, cutout the middle section, then rounded the corners, and capped everything.