Monthly Archives: July 2009

Corolla Cage almost complete

Today was a great day, after almost getting electricuted welding in the rain, Mike and I made and installed the A-pillar bars (side hoops).  Then because we had some time left we cut the knee bar and tacked that in as well. The knee bar is up high because Mike wants to use it as […]

Drift this Miata update

Just got pics from the mazda Miata that got a half cage. This cage was built so that later on it could become a full cage that would fit under the soft top or the hard top. The cage has a harness bar that has been bent on both ends to make room for the […]

Corolla Drifter roll cage

The rear half of the roll cage is now tack welded together. The side hoops are already bent but they cannot be installed untill after the sheet metal has been repaired.

New Pics up

Today I got to take some pics of a honda civic that I put a roll cage in earlier in the year.

Corolla Drifter on the Rise

Today’s progress Making the side hoops I always make the side hoops as close as possible to the A pillar and as close to the roof line as i can, this usually means that there is going to be a compound or multi plane bend in the side hoops. On almost any roll cage making […]