Monthly Archives: August 2009

1962 Mini Cooper swing out door bars

I was asked to remove the existing door bars and make door bars that can swing out with the doors. The old door bars were straight, which would be great if it wasn’t a daily driver and a mini.  I removed the old door bars, made new swing out door bars that can lock into […]

Welding your rear diff

Last night I was asked to weld two separate rear diff’s. 1. Was a rear diff out of a Nissan 300 ZX Turbo 2. Was out of a 240 Sx wit the SR20 turbo swap Both of these cars are Drift cars.  The Guys worked on getting them back together till well after midnight. Sorry […]


Tomorrow Friday  August 7 All star Speedway Epping nh 6:30 Till we get told to go home come and smell the burnt rubber

BMW Rally Skid plate finally done

After lots of hours of drilling holes, cutting aluminum, welding, and rewelding, it’s finally finished. This skid plate worked out to be 22 pounds lighter than the previous one, yet it should be just as strong in not slightly stronger. It is completely made out of  T-6 6061  aircraft aluminum. I so cant wait to […]