Current Projects Monthly Archives: November 2009

BMW e36 M3 saloon complete

here are the complete photos

BMW M3 saloon gets door bars

Tonight I added the door bars to the saloon M3

more BMW M3 photos

The e36 has gotten some more bars added to it today, upper side gussets, main hoop diagonal, and the harness bar . The upper gussets have been bent to fit the shape of the car and to give more room for the drivers helmet . To get the propper height for the harness bar the […]

BMW e36 M3 roll cage update

After prepping everything and forming the main hoop I then started forming the side hoops. Once I had the side hoops finished and tacked into place I made the windshield bar and tacked that into place . Now it was time for the sunroof, I used several plates to hold the sunroof into place so […]


Here is the bmw  when it first came to me for a roll cage and to have the sun roof welded in. The first thing that needed to be done was to clean up all the areas that would need to be welded. After  cleaning and grinding the floor areas for welding  I measured and […]